Duganne Ateliers exemplifies the skills of the "OldWorld Print Makers". As a team, the vision of the artist is woven withthe skill of the printmaker into an original limited edition print. Workingwith traditional, digital or contemporary media, we offer complete solutionsfor the artist.

We provide professional scanning of images from the smallestnegatives and transparencies to the largest original artworks AT ANY SIZE!We can create imagery with you or simply manipulate your existing imagesusing the most exciting current technologies. Finally, we can output yournewly created visions onto papers, films, canvases, rice papers, or otherexciting exotic surfaces of your choice.

We can do all of this using our specially designed large-formatIRIS, EPSON and COLORSPAN printers, proprietary archival inks and colortransforms created to evoke the same breath-taking response to the printthat was first experienced with your originals! Technical and creative assistanceis available at each stage of your visionary process. Our goal is completesatisfaction and elation at extremelycompetitive costs.