Welcome to the Gallery!

We are proud to present the great artists whose work we have been honored to print. Over the next few weeks, and continually afterwards, we will be adding collections to the gallery. You will be able to order any of these works from Duganne Ateliers. Please contact us for pricing and availability. Please check back often, as this section will be in a constant state of flux.

Roger Guillemin
This collection of digital paintings from Roger Guillemin is a small sampling of the varied and rich body of works created on the computer by an artist influenced by a world of imagery and insight from his travels, research and experiences.

Terry Rose
 Titled "Entries", this suite of ten collages was created by Los Angeles artist Terry Rose. His abstract landscapes on paper and canvas reflect a contemporary vision of our natural world. Combining works on paper with elements of wood and fabric, these beautiful images invite you to "enter" the landscape of your own imagination.


In the meantime, please link to the sites of some of our artists to view their work.


Wayne Williams

Terry Rose

Steven Kobb

Duncan Regehr

Damian Elwes

Joe Reisenauer

Ilana Raviv